Monday, November 19, 2012


I absolutely LOVE my husband! I got back last Thursday after being back in California for 10 days and walked into the house with the above signs. On the back of each note Hugh had written me little notes on why he was glad to have his wife back! :) Seriously HOW ROMANTIC! :) THEN on the counter he had a envelope with a gift card and a note to pack my bags because he was taking me away for the weekend.

He planned our weekend away in Richmond which is a little over two hours. We left Friday afternoon and got there around 4:00. We got checked into our hotel, went to dinner and then  a movie. On Saturday, we went shopping and Maggiano's for dinner! There was even a Hobby Lobby which I got SO EXCITED about. That was a learning experience as Hugh and I came to the full realization that we have different tastes! :)

Saturday night we had a night at home and continued watching LOST. We started this on our honeymoon and just finished season 4. We have settled on a church Heritage Baptist and decided on a sunday school. This is exciting as Hugh and I are starting to make church friends! :) We invited our leaders over next Sunday after church for lunch, It was such a fun weekend and I was reminded time and time again what a blessing marriage is and what a bigger blessing HUGH is! 


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