Sunday, February 28, 2010

Straight Up - American Idol 2010

I like watching American Idol once it gets to Hollywood week. This was my favorite performance (although I have not been impressed with this kid besides this performance).

I love what he did with this song.


This week at the college was Disney week. It ended with the school body going to Disneyland for the day. We got tickets for $30 which inclueded a $10 food voucher so it was a great deal. Kristin and I went down later in the afternoon so we could enjoy our Saturday morning. I really enjoy Kristin and her friendship. She is such a loving friend and we had a great time chatting on the way down there.

As soon as we got to Disneyland it started raining. We met up with some friends when we got there and then went on Indiana Jones with the Kellers. The picture of the Kellers is the first time Sam ever went on the ride so it was fun to watch him experience it. Afterwards we met up with the Jacksons and went on Space Mountain. This is the third picture. My favorite thing about this picture is Hampton and Kristin behind Hugh and I. After two rides, great people watching and good time with friends three hours had past. We ate dinner and were ready to leave just in time for the downpour!  We got home by 9:00 so I headed to Lynn's to visit with her for a couple of hours, which is always a fun time! I love the weekends by they go by so fast...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am so blest. I have had a hard week and have been wrestling with a heavy heart. I've questioned God's faithfulness and have been in the word and prayer a lot over the last five days. I'm so thankful for the way the Lord works! I am not the only person who doesn't understand why he does some of the things he does but He is good AND Faithful.

Psalm 34:4 "For the Word of the Lord is upright, and all his work is done in faithfulness." His love is steadfast and unchanging regardless of my limited understanding. God is so kind in the people he has brought into my life. I've had three people tell me this week that I have been on their heart a lot this week and they have been praying for me. REALLY?!?!!? That is the Lord he knew I needed that! That is a faithful and loving God. I wanted to list some of the things I am most thankful for this week:

*My favorite brother in law stopping to see me at work with my favorite coffee drink. He just wanted to stop by to encourage me and tell me that the Elliott's love me. LOVE IT!

*A great walk with my new friend Meredith.

*Kisses from Ivy and Lucy.

*Laughter with friends.

*Friends that speak truth into my life.

*Golden Spoon with Summer.

*Spending time with Tricia.

*Getting to see Voda.

*Jen Luedke and her wisdom :)

*Getting tasks accomplished at work! YES!

*The Lord IS Faithful and no good thing does he withold.

*My good this week on the cold nights (sorry cold I mean 50 degrees)

*A encouraging email from my mom and loving phone call from my dad.

*dinner with Matt and Kelli. Love you Guys.

There are another 50 things I can list on reasons why I am thankful but I will leave it at that for now.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is the will in Christ Jesus for you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope.

I love this quote cause it is so true of my friends. They are a blessing to me and I cherish them tremendously in my life. My sister began to blog about special friends in her life and it made me want to do the same. The first friend that I wanted to write about is Heidi Shafer.

I met Heidi about 6 years ago at Grace Community. We became fast friends and close through the years. Heidi is one of the most encouraging friends in my life. One of the reasons why I love her is that she doesn't tell me what I want to hear but what I NEED to hear. She consistently points me to the Word and truth.

Heidi got married a few years ago and I got to stand by her side as a bridesmaid. What an honor for me. Heidi is such a Godly wife and mother and I love listening to what she is learning. She always has such great insight.

Heidi has stood out to me lately as a friend who strengthens me with prayer, loves me and encourages me with hope. I got to spend a couple hours with her in December catching up. Since that time Heidi has been faithful to reach out to me every week to see how I'm doing, encourage me and let me know she's praying for me. What a blessing that is in my life. I love you Heidi and am so thankful for you in my life.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tonight I drove down to Ontario to see Voda. She was in Cali for the NASCAR race and it was fun to meet up with her for a couple of hours. PK joined us for most of the evening and it was fun to hear about their lives as a married couple. We laughed a lot and had a great time. I love you guys and it was so good to see you!

Happy Birthday Kristin...

I met Kristin about two years ago when she applied to work in Admissions. We have become good friends over the past two years and she has been a joy. I love how real she is and she can always make me laugh. She is such a good friend to many and is a huge encouragement to me. I love you Sis and I hope your day is fabulous!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Heart Saturdays...

I have been bad about bloggin but have received many comments this week about how I need to blog more. I spoke with a friend this week who told me that they know what's going on in my life by my blog and they love to hear but I'm learning so I will try to be better. I've been so thankful and grateful for the accountability of friends who charge me to seek, love and trust Jesus more. I have the greatest friends in my life and am overwhlemed with the goodness of this. Not many people experience the abundance of friends that the Lord has given me.

I love Saturday mornings and this morning was one of the best. I slept in and woke to spend some much needed time with the Lord. I also got to catch up with some friends which was such an encouragment to me. I feel so blessed today. When I awoke I knew the priority for the morning was to be with the Lord. It was so good. I started the day feeling down and defeated but was reminded of so many truths. It's so easy and natural for me to think of myself and what I have or don't have and this always leads to worry, fear or dis-contentment. I was reminded of my need to be thinking of the gospel everyday. It's not about me but about Him: His sinless life, death and resurrection. I need to intentionally think about this everyday as he did all of that for me! When I think of all He has done and given to me the other things in my life that I worry about don't compare to what the Lord has planned for me and has given me already. The Lord has taught me so much over the last couple of years on what it means to wait and trust. Hard lessons learned in which I am still learning. It's a decision that I need to make everyday: will I trust Him or will my focus be me?! I have seen how the Lord has used my trials to encourage others and I am so grateful to the Lord for this. I even hesitate to say that because it can sound prideful but I know that it's not me AT ALL but Him. It's the Lord working through my life in others. I can be such a weak person but today I am reminded that when I am weak He is strong and there is nothing that will happen to me that is outside His will for my life. I rest in that and for that I am grateful.

Kelli called me this morning and told me that her and Wendy wanted me to go with them for a girls night. I haven't hung with these two in awhile so I knew it would be fun. These two are a riot and I always enjoy being with my sistas! Wendy is my sister's best friend and we have become friends through the years. My sister is such an encouragment to me when it comes to trusting God. Watching her go through the different trials with adoption and her trust in the Lord encourages my heart. She is one who I can always count on to make me laugh or bear my burdens with me. Wendy is one that I know loves me and wants the best for me. I love you girls and thanks for a needed night out.