Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wedding Day

What a beautiful day it was. I woke up about 7:30 am and my bridesmaids arrived at my house around 10:00 AM. We all got ready together in my house. My good friend Holly was with me all day making sure I was taken care of, she did my make up, got me to where I needed to be and helped with any last minute things that came up. 5 days before my wedding I was in my good friend Steffi's wedding and she gave me this awesome monogram robe that I got to wear! I loved it (I love you Steffi)!
It was such a chill morning and I loved being with my people I love so dearly. I was so excited to see Hugh though! I was ready to get the wedding going so I could go and start my new life as a married woman!
Hugh surprised me with flowers, a very sweet card and he had given me a watch I had been wanting. (the card made me cry.....I was so close to being Mrs. Hugh Jackson!)  
Then there was the first look! I remember standing in the house with my sisters, looking out and seeing Hugh walk to the gazebo and I just stopped and started crying. I was overcome with thankfulness that I was about to see the man I was going to marry on our wedding day! The following are pictures of our first look...

Here are a couple more favorites....

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