Friday, November 2, 2012

Wedding Week

We got married the week of July 4th which was GREAT. We both had time off from work and it made it easy for our families to travel to California for the wedding. It was so fun having all of Hugh's and my family here for the week. Both my sister and brother were able to bring their whole families which meant so much to Hugh and I. (traveling with kids isn't always the most fun! :) We are thankful they were such troopers. The picture above is a get together we had a couple days before the wedding. My sister's didn't get to come to my showers so we had a get together when they got here. It was so fun.

The fourth of July both of our families got together and had a pool party at my house. My landlord's let us use their back yard and we swam, played basketball and hung out all afternoon and evening. My BF Voda had come in Tuesday, Summer was able to come, my aunt and uncle from Iowa and Hugh's friend from AZ. IT was one bug party. We had a great time and everyone got along so well. This was the first meeting of all the families. We really had a good time and enjoyed one another.

Thursday was the rehearsal. Leading up to this it was quite stressful. I think by 11:00 AM I had received over 30 phone calls or texts. We had a great time at the rehearsal just being able to celebrate with our friends!

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