Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Engagment

How we got engaged

The back story: Hugh's birthday is March 11th. About a month before his birthday Hampton approached me and asked what I thought about throwing a surprise birthday party for Hugh. I agreed and thought it would be a great idea. I started inviting his friends and had planned the party for Saturday, March10th. Hugh wanted to celebrate his birthday on the 10th since we had church on Sunday and were taking a class in the evening. We made plans to go to Santa Barbara for the day. I told him we were having his birthday dinner with his siblings Saturday night and had to be back by 7:00 pm. in order to throw him his surprise party.
The day of the engagement Hugh texted me at 8:30 am and asked if I wanted to go whale watching.( I didn't think it was weird as I knew he was looking for things for us to do. I also see deals all the time for whale watching). When I got to his house he said he found a special in Newport Beach so we would be heading there for the day. On the drive down there he said it's been on his bucket list to rent a boat and he found a special rate so he wanted to stop and see if  any boats were available for us to rent. When we got to Newport we picked up Chipotle for lunch then headed to the boat place. He was able to rent us a boat for two hours. Once we got on the water we drove around looking at all the beautiful boats and homes and just talked. About a hour and a half into the boat ride he told me to take some pictures of some sea lions and when I turned back around he was facing me and told me he had to ask me a question. I looked at him and saw him holding the ring. I dropped my head and started crying as I couldn't believe it was happening! He was hugging me and told me I hadn't answered him and I reminded him that he never asked me his question! :) He asked me to be his wife in which I said YES!!!
It was such a special day for us. After that we ended up hopping on another boat for whale watching and then headed back to my house for his surprise birthday party. When we walked in everyone yelled surprise and I asked Hugh if he knew. He told me yes and when I looked at everyone I realized my friends were there too. Hugh had planned his surprise party knowing it would really be an engagment party. It was a day I will always remember. 

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