Thursday, November 1, 2012


I would love to say how much I loved engagement and planning a wedding but I didn't. It was a hard time. I was never the girl who had her wedding all planned out and knew exactly what she wanted. I simply didn't care about all the details. My sister had just moved to Washington and my mom was half way across the Country so I just had to buckle down and make decisions. One thing I can say about this time is I truly have the best friends. My friend Heidi designed my invitations and programs, Summer helped me coordinate things, Ken and his favorite assistant Lynn (my favorite too) did our pictures, Erika and Mark let us get married in their backyard (in addition to doing our pre-marital AND this includes the long walks Erika would take with me to help me keep things in perspective!) My mom and dad sacrificed to give me the wedding I wanted, my sister in law Becca would call me once a week to make sure I was doing OK and there are SO MANY more people and things that  I could name that blest Hugh and I.

Hugh was working in Malibu at this time, we were serving on high school staff, it was a busy time at work and here I was planning a wedding when all I wanted to do was marry my best friend. I would not trade a thing and our wedding day was great! My favorite part is! In fact, I don't even want to talk about engagement anymore.....the best stuff was ahead! The following are some of our favorite engagement photos...

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