Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday?!?!

Would you rather have the appearance of Margret Thatcher (for women) or Yasir Arafat (for men) OR have a bizarre condition where anytime you enter a room, the theme song from Star Wars begins to play? Things to consider: dating and public places. Death is not an option...

*Today I'm thankful that I almost have staff retreat planned! Yahoo!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I've been slacking I KNOW! I've been a busy girl. Work has been crazy! I spent Friday night with the Keller's. A great time of food, fellowship AND fun! Thanks Heidi (and joe)! I love you guys! Saturday was spent with my soon to be roommate Mandy Spring. I've gotten to know her through her brother John (who is one of my favorite people in the world) so I know we will have a great time. Its only temporary since she's moving back to the East coast but we will have a great time nonetheless. We layed by the pool and went to Pasadena. (I heart Pasadena!)

Sunday I went to church and then went to see The Dark Knight with John, Justin and Mandy. It was good. By Sunday night I was exhausted. Today was super busy at work. I went into the office at 7:30 AM until 6:15 PM, worked out with Hugh and then came straight home to watch my landlords kids so they could go to a movie. I really like and appreciate them so it's fun for me to hang with the boys. It's 9:00 now and I should be working but I chose to do a little update so I don't get anymore comments on how my blog has been slacking! :)

*Today I'm thankful that I have all the positions in the office filled and the new staff is hired! PTL!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Favorite: Respectable Sins(Confronting the Sins We Tolerate)

As Christians, we believe that all sins are considered equal in God's eyes. Yet while evangelicals continue to decry the Big Ones--such as abortion, adultery, and violence--we often overlook more deceptive sins.
It seems we have created a sliding scale where gossip, jealousy, and selfishness comfortably exist within the church. In short, some sins have simply become acceptable.
Acclaimed author Jerry Bridges believes that just as culture has lost the concept of sin, the church faces the same danger. Drawing from scriptural truth, he sheds light on subtle behaviors that can derail our spiritual growth.
Throughout, Jerry encourages victory over personal sin through the gospel's transforming power. This release is perfect for readers who long to thoughtfully examine their lives and discover a deeper walk with God.
This has been a good convicting book for me. A must read!
*Today I am really thankful for all the men in my office who spur me on, challenge me, make me laugh, and are just all around wonderful perfect friends for me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday?!?!?!

It's vacation time...Would you rather go to a CROWDED beach resort or go to a secluded cabin in the mountains? Death is not an option (but seriously...who would choose death with this one?)

*Today I am thankful that I got to talk to Tricia yesterday! Miss you and love you girl!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day of Blessings...

Today was a good day. It began with Ivy. She spent the night with me last night as Kelli and Matt were celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary. (Happy Anniversary fam....i love you!)It was another restless night for me as Ivy likes to sleep horizontal but when she wakes up she likes to snuggle so it was well worth it.
Church was great. Tom is still in the book of Ecclesiastes and he spoke about joy. This is an area where I am thankful and feel like God has been so gracious to me. Despite going through hard or sad times in my life it's a joy to have joy! There is a deep happiness and peace when you know the Lord and I am thankful for that.
Most of you know I've been car shopping. This weekend Matt (my brother in law) spent a lot of time with me running around looking at different cars. I found one! The Lord provided me a nice one...nicer than I deserve but am most grateful for it. It's been fun driving around in a quiet, cool and beautiful car all day! Thanks Matt for helping a sista out. (Pops and mom I will send more pictures.)
I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Jenny and Jen. I really truly love these girls and am so thankful for their friendship. We did a little shopping and went to Cheescake and got to sit and talk for awhile. It is so good being together. Jenny I will miss you when you head back to WA and it has been so fun having you here.
Tonight I got to spend the evening with Hugh. We haven't had any time to sit and catch up on eachother's lives and we had such a nice evening. Hugh started working in the Admissions office 2 weeks ago but I've been so busy and have had about 30 minutes in two weeks to sit and chat with him so this was WAY overdue. I'm so thankful for him and his encouragment and love of me. I'm excited you'll be here another 2 years! Holla brother!
WhenI came home tonight my landlords were outside and we got to talk for quite awhile. I really enjoy them and am thankful that I rent from and live by such a wonderful family. Another area where God has truly blessed me (Wendy that was for you! I spelled it right!)
I end the day with a thankful overflowing heart of God's great provision for me in every area of my life. I am a happy girl!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I thought I would share some pictures from the wedding last weekend. It was so fun getting to share that with Tricia but also getting to spend some good quality time with Jenny and Jen. We had fun as we all hung out at my house before the wedding. I'm so thankful for them in my life.

*Today I am thankful that I could wake up in my own home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Favorite: Give Me Jesus

I really dig this song so enjoy! I've been in Chicago the last couple of days for a conference. It has been a good trip and I've learned a lot. I'm here with my co-worker Jason. We went to the Navy Pier tonight. It dropped 15 degrees in 10 minutes and I thought a mid-west storm was coming on but it passed. They were having an out door concert and it was a blast...(think Rapper's Delight, Ice Ice Baby, Baby Got Back...need I go on!?!?) After pizza, fried dough and too much food I'm ready for a work out!

I Heart California!

*Today I am thankful for a really comfortable bed to sleep in.

Would You Rather Wednesday?!?!

Would you rather be sleep deprived for 72 hours or without food or water for 72 hours? Death is not an option.

*Today I am thankful for a solid nights sleep!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Job Well Done...

I think I've mentioned once or twice what a blessing it is to work with people whom you love. I have been blest the last four years with a staff who loves one another, encourages one another, and works hard unto the Lord. They are like family to me.
Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for me as I had to say goodbye to Erin Walter.

She has been with me the last three years. We have shared many wonderful moments. Some difficult, some sad, some joyous and numerous changes in our lives. Through it all Erin has been solid! She is an example to many and does all things with excellence for the Glory of God. She will be missed! Erin, I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you and Jordan! Thank you for being loyal and faithful to me!

Monday, July 14, 2008

God is Good!

Sunday afternoon I was sitting in my empty house feeling a little sad. When I begin to feel this way I try to read the Bible as it always encourages my soul. Sometimes I can't even comprehend how or why the Lord is so faithful to me to encourage me and spur me on in times of need. (Bottom line is I am selfish.) Today the Lord reminded me of Isaiah 40:31:
"But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint."

I loved what the comments said regarding this verse. ...That patient, praying believers are blessed by God with strength in their trials. I believe this to be true! I sat in my house and went through all the things the Lord has blest me with. A house, a great job, money to live, Joy and peace that only come from Him, a great family, a FAB church and some wonderful faithful friends. I had about 7 friends call, text, or seek me out in the last 24 hours to tell me they love me and have been praying for me. What an encuragement!
The Lord has me exactly where He wants me. And His grace will sustain me through all things. I have experienced this time and time again. I am so thankful for His patience, faithfulness and grace to me! God is Good ALL the Time and All the time God is Good!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Congratulations Tricia and Kobe!

Last night Tricia walked down the aisle to become Mrs. Kobe Arnold. This is a day Tricia and I have prayed for a lot in the last few years. I am so thrilled that the Lord has blessed her with Kobe and now she gets to fulfill this role as a helpmate.

Tricia has been such a joy to live with the last year. She's been such a faithful, loving, loyal and generous friend to me over the years. She's a servant and doesn't do it for her own praise but because she loves others and is called to serve. There are so many daily things that I will miss about living with her. (Kobe you know what they are so enjoy it!)

I am so honored to call her one of my best friends! I love you Kobe and Tricia! Congratulations!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrating Tricia...

Tonight I got together with some of my closest friends to celebrate Tricia's upcoming wedding. It was so fun being with those I truly love. Jenny is here from Yakima and it was so good to see her, Olivia and Brian. I LOVE being at the Sharp house and treasure my friendship with Jen.

We went to Abby Lane for dinner with Tricias sisters and then Jen, Tricia, Jenny and I headed over to The Social to hang out for awhile. It was so good to catch up with "my girls" and celebrate Tricia's blessing! I love you girls and am so excited for you Tricia!

*Today I am thankful for friendship.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday?!?!?!

This week's question is in leiu of the Bachelorette finale (holla!):
Would you rather have never loved at all or loved but been heartbroken? Death is not an issue.

*Today I am thankful for hope.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Heart Stevie Wonder

Last nigth my friend John Adams and I went to see Stevie Wonder in concert at the Hollywood Bowl (which happens to be my favorite venue here in LA).
My favorite song by Stevie is Overjoyed. I thought I'd add a little flava today and share a clip of him singing "Overjoyed and You and I".
It was a SA-WEET night and one of my favorite concerts ever.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Heart America...

It has been so nice having another week with a few days off. Last night I went over to see Ivy and ended up taking her home with me for a little slumber party. I love our time together and we have gotten pretty tight over the last month. She slept really good and I had a restless night going from sleeping vertical to horizontal. (i still loved it!) We woke up for pancakes and then headed out to the Santa Clarita parade. This came at the suggestion of my friend Lynn who takes her boys every year. We met them there and I will tell you that this is the worst parade I have ever seen. :) It was fun being with friends though! And I LOVE LYNN and the boys!
After the parade we got lunch then went swimming. It was a great day and by 2:00 I rushed home for a nap. Tricia and I went out for dinner and then we went for a little work out. It was another great day off and restful!
Today is another day where I'm reminded what a priveledge it is to live in America. We have so many freedoms and an abundance of luxuries that we take for granted daily. Today has been a great day to thank the Lord for providing for me in such a grand way. I love the USA!

* Today I'm thankful that I live here in America.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday?!?!

Would you rather have a large (basketball sized) growth poking out of your stomach or have a large (baseball sized) growth coming out of your neck? Things to consider for women: people would always think you are pregnant and men: people would think you are fat. Yet, if it's a growth in your neck people WILL notice it. Death is not an option.

*Today I am thankful for a great workout last night...THANKS LUKE!